How Fast Web Help Used Digital Marketing To Raise This Client’s Sales By $2 Million Annually.

Electronics International, Inc. is a global designer and manufacturer of digital electronics for airplanes. They have award winning products and customer service and introduced aviation’s first digital engine monitor back in 1979. Their products can be found in the American Blimp, Military UAV’s, record setting airplanes, stunt planes, personal aircraft and even in one of Jay Leno’s cars. As a multimillion dollar brand who has been in business for over 35 years, they had their selection of marketing agencies to choose from and they chose Fast Web Help.

About The Company

Company: Electronics International, Inc.
Year Founded: 1979
Country: International buy-ei
Campaign: All Inclusive Digital Marketing Campaign
Results: 400% Increase In Website Traffic
Total Sales Increased By $2 Million+

Hear What Electronics International Has To Say About Us.

We sat down with Tyler Speed, Executive Vice President of Operations at Electronics International, and interviewed him about his experience with our agency. Watch the video below to hear what he has to say.

“Since We’ve Hired Fast Web Help, Sales have increased by over Two Million Dollars Annually. I would emphatically recommend Fast Web Help.”

Some Of Our Top Achievements For Electronics International.

Obviously, our largest achievement was providing an astounding Return On Investment for our client and increasing their sales by $2 million annually. We were able to help them achieve their highest sales year for two years in a row and set numerous other records within their company. Having worked on their campaign for just over two years we have too many achievements to list but here are a few key achievements we are proud of.

Extremely Effective Digital Ads

Probably our largest achievement for Electronics International was our extraordinarily effective digital ads. Running ads across aviation’s most popular websites we were competing in a market that had ads from billion dollar giants like Garmin and Boeing. However, time after time we set records across those websites for some of the highest ad interaction rates the publishers had ever seen. Some of the publishers now use our advertising as a case study to help sell their advertising to potential advertisers.

” Fast Web Help has an outstanding portfolio of outside of the box creative skills. Hire this company!”
– Tom Bliss, Publisher

“Fast Web Help successfully accomplished a digital marketing strategy that has resulted in more than expected results. An A+ recommendation.”
– Kent Dellenbusch, Magazine Owner

Increased Social Interactions.

Electronics International was hesitant to believe that a social campaign would work for their business as their demographic is primarily older. We were able to target their key demographic on specific social media sites like Youtube and Facebook with massive success. Increasing their Facebook following by over 18,000% and generating nearly a quarter million Youtube views and counting.

One of the many videos we produced which went viral in their market.

Before FastWebHelp – 102 Likes.

After FastWebHelp – 18000+ Likes.

Breaking Down How To Generate $2 Million In Sales.

We were able to help Electronics International achieve some pretty amazing results and we did so without increasing their advertising budget. One of the ways we achieved this was by dropping traditional marketing that is antiquated and no longer effective. We reduced their print advertising budget by 75% and moved that budget over to a Digital Marketing campaign. Using Digital Ads, PPC Advertising, Social Media, Content Creation and a State of The Art Website.

Increasing your lead generation, product awareness or brand awareness doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to increase your advertising budget. Often times it just means getting smarter with your current spend. Electronics International’s competitor had a much larger advertising budget than they had. However, we were able to use digital advertising to reach far more people than their competitors because the Cost Per Customer Acquisition was so much lower.

If you are currently spending precious marketing dollars on magazines, newspapers, billboards, tv ads, radio ads, direct mail or cold calling then there is tremendous opportunity for you to redirect those funds to be far more effective. Even if you are already spending money on digital advertising there is massive room for improvement. Our digital ads generated nearly 3X more traffic than other digital advertisers in the same space. We were able to achieve this at no extra cost to our client. Essentially tripling how far their marketing dollars went.

Do You Want To Increase Your Companies Sales?

Fast Web Help works with large or small companies alike. We have packages for multimillion dollar brands or packages for the small one employee solopreneurs.

Contact us today and receive a free thirty minute marketing consultation with one of our certified marketing professionals. There’s no obligation and this just might be the most important conversation about your business you will ever have.

“Invest in your company and your future by talking with Fast Web Help. They were never pushy, always friendly and made one of the largest impacts in our finances we’ve had in over 35 years.”

– Tyler Speed – Executive Vice President

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